Bane Hunter

CEO - Technology


Bane Hunter is a highly accomplished and globally recognized executive in the technology sector. With his extensive experience as a project and product manager, he has established a stellar reputation for his exceptional ability to navigate complex challenges. Hunter consistently delivers tangible value to the products, methodologies, and processes he oversees, earning him widespread acclaim. Throughout his illustrious career, he has worked with numerous prestigious companies, consistently surpassing ambitious goals and achieving remarkable results alongside his dedicated teams.

Currently serving as a portfolio executive at a prominent government services organization, Hunter's impressive array of certifications, including PMP, Prince2, ITIL, CSPO, and CSM, attests to his mastery in orchestrating the seamless integration of diverse projects. His meticulous approach encompasses comprehensive task scoping and efficient management of client changes. Renowned for his foresight and strategic planning, Hunter anticipates and prepares for various scenarios, earning colleagues' and superiors' trust and reliance. His cool-headedness, quick problem-solving skills, and unrivaled organizational strategies make him an invaluable asset.

Bane Hunter wholeheartedly embraces the principles of Agile/Scrum in his professional endeavors. These principles provide ethical guidelines for government-focused teams and a solid framework for clarifying roles and responsibilities. Hunter has witnessed firsthand the transformative power of these principles in driving team success, particularly in the face of rapidly changing objectives. As a seasoned tech industry professional, he is well-versed in adapting swiftly to the ever-evolving landscape.

He epitomizes the essence of innovation and leadership within the technological and project management spheres. His journey is a testament to his exceptional ability to navigate and simplify the complexities of the tech industry, delivering substantive improvements and value across a broad spectrum of products, processes, and methodologies. Throughout his illustrious career, he has lent his expertise to several prestigious organizations, spearheading teams toward the realization of lofty objectives.

Currently serving as a Portfolio Executive for a government services entity, he demonstrates an unparalleled mastery in project oversight, thanks to his comprehensive certifications in PMP, Prince2, ITIL, CSPO, and CSM. His proficiency enables him to adeptly manage project integration, preemptively address challenges, and streamline client interactions. His operational philosophy is deeply rooted in Agile/Scrum methodologies, fostering an environment of ethical integrity and structured flexibility, which is crucial for teams navigating the dynamic landscapes of government projects.

Hunter's voracious appetite for knowledge and innovation drives his involvement in various sectors, including fintech, media, and venture technology. His strategic foresight and adaptability have been instrumental in navigating market fluctuations and integrating cutting-edge resources, such as AI, to advance project objectives and strategic initiatives.

His strategic input has been invaluable in defining and executing marketing strategies and investment decisions, particularly evident in his roles at industry giants like MTV Networks/Paramount Global, A&E, and Conde Nast. There, he not only led digital protection innovations but also crafted strategies that propelled the companies forward.

With an academic foundation that includes an MBA and a Bachelor's degree, supplemented by executive education in corporate governance, Hunter's approach to business challenges is both innovative and grounded. His career is marked by significant achievements, including IPOs, patent development, and strategic acquisitions, highlighting his focus on growth, stakeholder value, and corporate integration.

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